Confessions of a Lady Podcast — Episode 1

It’s a good memory, he said
That’s all we ever take with us
And memories

Everything else fades

Even memories can become tainted
We can’t possibly remember them all

We sat and gazed across at the other, knowing this is just another one of those moments that will pass.

Maybe we’ll remember this for the years to come, or maybe we’ll forget

But I’ll continue to try to remember
The only way I know how

The decisions you make in your life are entirely your own, yet there are many factors that come into play in any…

The look in your eyes
Once it was there
Never left
That is how I knew
You loved me

What I know about love continues to grow 🌳

Love is in the moments of silence, in a kiss, in the calm 🌊

Love is a smile, an embrace, it keeps your soul warm

Love is in laughter and intimate conversation 💛

Love is in every moment spent with you 💫

My favourite sight

When I look in your eyes
I don’t want to look away
I forget time and the place
Whether it’s sunny or it rains
And if there are clouds in the sky
I pay them no mind
Your touch has become
My favourite sight

Why it's been this long since I came home

Few words have left my body
Fewer still finding a page
Where I can rest and be reborn

In theory I knew I was right to return
My soul silently waiting
With every passing day
I was away

To the man I love

I once read that to love is a choice
Now there are days when I ask why
Why does love feel hard sometimes?
When I look into your eyes, mine confess
How deeply I believe in us
While your eyes tell everything else

I drive home at the end of the day
And all I see and think in passing
Somehow brings me back to you

To be who I am

I knew I was safe
By the presence of a hand
Guiding my back
Gently forward

By the softness in his eyes
By how he looked at me
As though captivated at first sight
Every time

By his kindness
The kindest of hearts

Always reminding me
To be who I am

A short story about hope

Hope is very powerful.
It drives us to act.
It's instilled in our inner world out of love.

Love for our friends, family, partners; love for ourselves.

But hope can also toy with you, mislead you, misguide you, even if it's from the heart.

The most beautiful thing about hope though, is how wonderful it can feel. When we feel loved, I think we also feel hopeful; for sunnier skies, wilder adventures, deeper love.

At least that’s what I hope for.

Here’s a poem about how I found hope and lost it, in the dream we had built before unearthing…

Drifting into our dreams, cheek to cheek

Sometimes love grows the more you spend time nurturing it

Sometimes it grows while you're apart

But love always grows in the intimate moments you share with someone; a friend, a grandparent, a romantic partner

Love can even flourish in the midst of your first conversation with a stranger

Come to think of it, that's how many of my friendships were born 🙏

This poem tells the story of a moment I shared with a true friend 🧡

It was assumed we would be
Rocking our tents
As the others did

But we only came here to rest

As I kissed him on the forehead
He kissed my hand
Our fingers holding on dearly
For comfort

This is how love is, I knew then
Drifting into our dreams
Cheek to cheek

Finds its way back to me

With a swing in my step
By the gracious sway of my hips
I look up
Forgetting everything I’ve seen
Feeling my endurance
Amid deep rhythmic breaths

And for a time I believed him

There stood a skeleton of a man
Long forgotten behind this door
His few belongings in the corner
Of a room vastly undone
For a dream in long-held hope
Here, proof of any fruition
Remained scarce

Here's the story:

I was once told I spoke too much; felt too much; that I was... too much. And I believed it.

Believing this didn't change me, but it changed the parts of me that I shared. It changed who I showed up as. It changed the kind of friend I was.

I would use my own personal outlets to extremities to channel…

Confessions of a Lady

🎙Podcast Creator & Host 📚 Sharing Poetry & Reflections 🧘‍♀️ Healing from Chronic Pain 🙏

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